Certificates SSL

It assures your website with Certificates SSL GlobalSign.

Certificates SSL GlobalSign

GlobalSign DomainSSL (DV)

This certificate class SSL offers an economic option to him stops
to assure its personal blog or its application Web.

GlobalSign OrganizationSSL (OV)

Certificates SSL OV need a level of validation higher than the DV.

The name of its organization will appear in its certificate, giving additional confidence to the visitors of its website.

GlobalSign ExtendedSSL (EV)

Certificates SSL of extended Validation or EV provide the highest confidence to the visitors of their website. GlobalSign will realise a complete verification of its organization when it acquires this certificate.

They are the only certificates SSL that will show a green bar with the name of their company in the navigator of their client.

Certificates SSL Wildcard

With a Certificate SSL Wildcard it will be able to protect all the subdomains of his website

Frequent questions SSL

Everything what needs to know on Certificates SSL

Why it serves a Certificate SSL?
A certificate SSL allows to base the communication between the Web server and the navigator of the visitor of the website. Million businesses anywhere in the world install Certificates SSL to assure their websites doing possible that their clients deposit their confidence in them.
Why I need a certificate SSL?
A Certificate SSL turns out critical to avoid that an attacker can rob sensible data that introduce the visitors of their website as personal data or their card number of credit.
Compatibility with navigators
Certificates SSL of GlobalSign are compatible with more of 99% of the navigators.



What is a certificate SSL Wildcard?