Policy of Expiration and Restoration of domains ERRP

Policy of expiration of domain names (ERRP)


Notification of expiration of the domain

Before the expiration of gTLD, Calvgar notifies to the holder of the by email electronic domain in four occasions with the instructions for the renovation of the domain name.

  • First notification: 60 days before the expiration
  • Second notification: 30 days before the expiration
  • Third notification: 15 days before the expiration
  • Fourth notification: 7 days before the expiration

Notification subsequent to the expiration

If a domain name is not renewed by the client in time, within the five next days to the victory, Calvgar sends a warning of additional lapsing to the holder of the domain with the instructions to recover the domain name.

Content of the notification of expiration

Calvgar sends the notifications of lapsing through e-mail to the holder of the domain in the language of the contract of domain registry. All the pertinent data in relation to the date of victory, the renovation of the domain and the recommended action, are clearly visible when opening the notification of e-mail.

Period of redemption

Calvgar offers a term of redemption of 30 days after the expiration of gTLD. During the period of redemption, the DNS are deshabilitadas for the domain and this it is not possible to be transferred. Calvgar can recover the domain to request of the holder of the domain during the period of redemption.

The quota to recover the domain will be of 100‚¬ (Imposed not including)

This Policy of expiration of the domain establishes the Process of recovery of an expired domain of Calvgar (ICANN ERRP) for the domains gTLD. Different policies from expiration of the domain can be applied to another TLD.