Policy of Privacy

of Privacy of the website calvgar.com

to the user of the existence of file and request of the consent
for the automated treatment of the data. -
relation with the personal character data facilitated by
interested in the forms qualified in the website
one inquires into which the effective norm is fulfilled strictly in
matter of protection of personal character data and that the data
provided, where appropriate, they will be including in a file
it advanced, the Proprietor or Publisher)
it stops
its treatment according to the purposes described in this Policy
of Privacy and in the forms qualified in each case,
giving interested the consent for this treatment
by means of the acceptance of the present policy of privacy or
by means of the shipment of information by any of means
anticipated in the website.

of the data:

she gathers
certain personal data that are introduced voluntarily
by the users in the different forms (€œNew Client€,
€œNew Ticket€, and €œManagement of account€) that exist in
calvgar.com website. The data are used with the following

  • To manage
    the requests of information, contact or resolution of
    incidences realised by the users through means of
    contact published in the website (€œNew Ticket€).

  • To manage
    the accounts of user and their orders (€œNew Client€ and €œManagement
    of Account€).

Obligatory nature
of the data:
The fields
obligatory such by means of the use are identified as of
asterisk (*) or by means of the express indication of its necessity
(obligatory). In case of not filling up the obligatory fields, no
it would be possible to manage the sent request or the requested account/of
the users.

of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition:

interested his can exercise
of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, and to revoke
consent given in each case for the treatment and/or cession
of its data, at any time asking for it by email postal a
the Proprietor, in the following direction: Street Chisel, 6, plants
2, office 7 €“ 28522 Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid); or sending
message of e-mail to the following electronic direction
info@calvgar.com. In everything
case, will have to accompany the request by a copy of the document
official who credits the identity of the holder of the data.

Person in charge
of the treatment. -

Person in charge
treatment of the data, whose address is indicated in the clause

she has
registered properly its files in the Spanish Agency of
Protection of Data, being able to consult the same in

of data. -
The data
provided by the interested ones they are not yielded to third parties, safe
that one specifically authorizes the Proprietor, and they only communicate,
if so, to be able to manage the services that they ask for
users (p.ej the domain names communicate the Operators
of Registry, among others organizations). The communication of the data
it is ligature with the same purpose for which the data have been
introduced and therefore related to free and the legitimate one
acceptance of the existing legal relation between the interested ones
and the Proprietor, whose development, fulfillment and control imply
necessarily the connection of the data and that includes the transmission
necessary of the same. By means of the acceptance of the present
privacy policy the interested ones declare to have been
informed and they allow, without reserves, the communication of his data
in the terms indicated in this clause. The interested ones can
to revoke the given consent as it is indicated in
present policy.

services have special conditions as far as the treatment of
personal character data (p.ej domain names) reason why
it will be necessary to verify the regime applicable to the same,
consulting the regulating Particular Conditions of the service. In
all case, before finalizing the process of purchase, the users
they will have to accept these Particular Conditions, so that they will be
informed on the treatment into its data with previous character to
treatment of the same.

users must abstain to provide personal data of others
people, unless they are in favor specifically authorized of these stops
to facilitate them and they have previously informed them into the conditions
applicable to the treatment of its data according to the arranged thing in
present Policy of Privacy.

she will be able to go
at any time to the users so that they credit the existence
and content of the mentioned authorizations.

Security. -
The Proprietor she assures
the absolute confidentiality and privacy of the personal data
treaties, adopting for it the nature, safety measures
organizational technique and/or, necessary to avoid the alteration,
loss, treatment or nonauthorized access to the data,
guaranteeing therefore the security of the same.

she will not respond in
no case of the incidences that can arise around
personal data when an attack or access is derived or from no
authorized to the systems of such form that is impossible to detect
by the implanted safety measures.

Cookies. -
The Publisher only
she uses cookies, where appropriate, to carry out the interchange of data a
traverse of electronic communications networks, or when these are
strictly necessary for the benefit of a functionality,
that it comprises of a service of the society of the information,
specifically solicitd by the user. In case the use of
cookies would not fulfill some of the indicated purposes,

she will solicit
consent informed into the user for the use of sayings
data retrieval and storage devices in its equipment
(p.ej by means of an emergent window or a system of
information by layers). The cookies that are used do not contain
personal information that it identifies the user. In any case,
the user can form his navigator so that they do not settle to him
cookies or to receive a warning in screen whenever a cookie
it wants to settle, being able to decide at every moment if it wants it
to accept or no. In order to know the policy installation and management of
data retrieval and storage devices in equipment
terminals of the website consult the Policy of Cookies.

of the data
. -
users are responsible for the veracity of the data
provided, committing itself not to introduce false data and a
to come to the modification from the same if outside necessary.

of the treatment
. - In case
that the contracted service implies the access and/or treatment of
personal data, on the part of the Proprietor, of whom it is
person in charge the client, Calvgar, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY will be considered ordered
of the treatment in accordance with the anticipated thing in the Statutory law
15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Character data
Personnel and its norm of development. The access and/or treatment of
personal data will be developed with subjection to the present
Policy of Privacy, the General Conditions of Hiring,
the Particular Conditions of Benefit of the contracted Service and
the normative one on protection of personal character data